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Skyhouse: An New York Penthouse With Climbing Column & Slide!

This multi-level penthouse sits atop an iconic skyscraper in Lower Manhattan (New York City) and is the product of a cohesive collaboration between architect, David Hotson and interior designer, Ghislaine ViƱas, both of whom wished to pay homage to the historical significance of the building in a very contemporary way. Flawlessly executed, this wish produced a home that feels like a museum of modern art and cultivates the sensation of being on top of the world, with panoramic views of the famously urban landscape. While it is apparently aware that it remains a series of functional living spaces, whimsy climaxes in the structural heart of the project: the living room, from which an imposing steel column, come rock climbing wall, spans the height of the build, rendering the space positively cavernous, and together with metallic tubular slides, acts as a legitimate method of transport.

Rock climbing pillar in living room of skyhouse

Metallic tubular slide exit into living entertainment in white and grey

The climbing course, slides and stairs that facilitate movement throughout this unique and incredible space do so with such precise purpose that mezzanine nooks, alcoves and annexes can be fully utilized. The floral lounge that hangs above the main living area provides a quiet escape in which to read and relax, or perhaps catch a breath, which will then be stolen by views of the city upon reaching the summit. Angular bedrooms in white and muted neon lie in wait on the upper-most floors and serve as a point from which the residence can be surveyed, and what is noticeable from such a height are the spaces, deliberately empty, that speak almost as loudly as those which have been filled. These spaces, white, sharp and glazed speak to the contemporary form of the architecture and do much to aid the cohesion that makes this project such a remarkable success.

Metallic tubular slide spiral view

Metallic tubular slide segment

Metallic tubular slide passing through bedroom with reflection

Metallic tubular slide entry top level profile

Metallic tubular slide entry top level children

Metallic tubular slide exit into thoroughfare livng spaces

Rock climbing pillar from living room to mezzanine levels

Rock climbing pillar to mezzanine floral lounge

Rock climbing pillar from living room to mezzanine levels

Rock climbing pillar from ground to top floor landscape

Rock climbing pillar from mezzanine floral lounge to top floor

Rock climbing accessed mezzanine with floral lounge

Bedroom annex in pastel peppermint green

Bedroom higher floors in white and neon with portrait

Bedroom higher floors in white and neon with view

Glazing of white and transparent internal spaces with view to ceiling

Internal angles with view to skylight in red and white

Angular internal stairwell in white with painted steel beams

Angular internal stairwell with mezzanine thoroughfare in glass

Angular hall in white with orange and panoramic portrait

Check out this video walkthrough.
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June 4, 2014 at 2:25 AM

I want to hire one best penthouse in nyc for my birthday party. Is this penthouse good for my party? I am waiting for your replies!!

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